The Wolf of Wall Street


This was my colleagues’ choice and so I have no responsibility for it! That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the film, so much as to say that I wouldn’t watch it again, as it’s that type of film that only needs to be viewed once, though you do need to pay good attention – this movie moves fast. Brash, bombastic and brutal, this film is not for the faint hearted, or the easily shocked. There’s plenty of explicit sex, hard drug use and lots of swearing. It’s a depiction of a morally bankrupt, over-monied microcosm of society that will blast your senses and make you balk at the way human nature can be tainted by a little bit of money and power.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street himself, and what a perfect casting for the role. DiCaprio is such a skilled actor that he can turn his hand to almost anything, but he’s particularly good in the role of a philandering, womanising, drug addled executive trading in dodgy stocks. A film like this could sound a little like a teen riot but the film gained not only box-office success but critical acclaim and several Oscar nominations in 2014. I can see why – it is beautifully photographed, acted and directed and it is a strong cautionary tale of how greed can corrupt entirely.

I would score the film a seven out of ten, but like I said, I shan’t be revisiting it again in the near future.


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